I cannot decide if i look like the undead or a hedgehog with a migraine..

Chris and the kids are all fast asleep as they should be.  I am laying on the couch with my eyes bugging out of my head, earphones plugged into my ears, feeding music into my brain, laptop propped on my legs, and the television is showing an asian horror flick to my right eye.  A pale lady was just drowned, stomped on, dragged through a forest, climbed out of a pit and she looks ten times better than I do right now.

There are little tiny construction workers in my chest and back,all jack-hammering away.  My ears hurt and when I wasn’t looking one hundred mini camels climbed into my sinuses to tap dance.  I suspect that I may have a cold.  Poor Mark looks twice as bad as I do, the poor guy.  He has the voice of a Camel smoking, whiskey drinking cowboy, two red swollen ears and the worst case of pink eye I ever saw.  What irony if I was too ill to take  him to the doctor in the morning??

I just remembered that my children are having their April Vacation this week.  Well, that did not make me feel any better, if anything it gave me reason to sink into a coma.  No such luck will come to me though.  I am that person that always livens up holidays and vacations by being just ill enough for annoyance.  It’s never so bad that I need the hospital but just bad enough that not a single soul wants to come within sneezing distance.  I guess Mark and I will have lots of bonding time together over tissues and antibiotics.

A stab of fear runs through me at the thought of being at the mercy of Melissa and Chris.  Good Lord, someone hand me some chicken soup fast!  The last time Melissa “took care of me” she played “surgery” and “autopsy” then force fed me dry noodles in cold water.  That decides it.  I am going to pour herbal cold remedies down my throat and try to sleep.  Wish me luck, please.


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