End of Vacation

Today is the last day of April vacation and tomorrow the kids will go back to school and schedules.  As I survey the damage done by children home and my being ill, I wonder if we should just sneak away in the dead of night.  Every dish and utensil we own is dirty and stacked in the sink.  In fact, there are new cups I have never seen before lined up along the counter.  My table is covered in Barbie’s, Disney Princesses, Hanna Montana and two Princes with sneaky grins.

The kitchen floor is sticky, the living room floor is slippery and the dining room rug is overtaken by crumbs.  Everywhere I look there are D VD’s and CD’s as if a bizarre sort of Frisbee game happened while I was sleeping.  There is more footwear than feet across the floors and a plastic sports car is wearing my husband’s good tie.  An eyeless Bart Simpson head sits on a mountain of dirty laundry and the rubber squeaky turtle is laughing at me.


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