Mom who?

My husband was leaning against the kitchen window the other night, the lilac bushes outside were almost touching the screen.  “It would be nice to get my favorite flower for Mothers Day.”  Suddenly Chris stands straight up and gets that deer in the headlights look.  I moved in front of him so there was no chance of escape.  “Dear, what is my favorite flower?”  “You like flowers?”  “Married for over ten years!” I holler, “Sixteen years together and you don’t know the only type of flower I like.  Really?  It’s lilacs!  The kids know me better than you do!

I stomped off into the living room where Mark was playing a video game.  “Mark, what is Mama’s favorite flower?”  Without looking away from his game, he muttered, “Uh, something purple?”  As I turned, there was Chris behind me grinning.  “Well, at least he knew that it was purple!” I said and went to find Melissa.  I found her sitting amid many little plastic animals, cotton balls and empty spice bottles.  “Mom I am really busy right now.  I heard you in the living room talking to Mark.  I don’t know what flower you like, I just like to give you Daisies because I like them.  Dad, can you take Mom out of the room and shut the door?”

Last year Melissa said to me on Mothers Day, “Mom I made you a really nice picture but I decided to leave it at school. I didn’t want you touching it and getting it dirty, cause it’s a really good picture!”  Mark had gifted me with a small wrapper full of what seemed to be small nuts partially hidden in chocolate.  “Mom, I got you a chocolate nut bar but it looked good and I was hungry so I ate the chocolate part but see here are all the nuts.”

For our first real date my husband took me to a horse stable where one of his favorite horses ate my eighty dollar jacket.  Oh yeah, Mark and Melissa have their Dad’s genes.


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