Little House on the ….Northshore?

No doubt that we are all feeling the pinch of recession.  Having gotten fired from my last job didn’t help.  Can you believe someone thought I had a problem with authority??  Anyway, recently we made some cutbacks at home to help but they aren’t going quite as well as anticipated.   The biggest drain on our money has to be that Chris and I both smoke.  So we decided instead of purchasing cigarettes I would make them.  No one told me that rolling my own would be a full-time job.  I can’t clean the house, cook food or take care of my children because I am busy rolling cigarettes.  It can take hours just to roll twenty cigarettes.  Never mind the fact that I feel like I am running an illegal drug house.  I keep waiting for the DEA to come ramming into the house to arrest me.

The other sacrifice was getting rid of cable.  After all, we have DVD’s and a computer, right?  Except right as we stopped cable our desktop computer went on strike and the kids arent’ comfortable with the laptop.  As for the DVD’s, well, we watched them, and now we are watching them again.  You don’t relize how little you have until you actually have to use it.  There is the WII of course, but again, some small glitches.  No one will play with Melissa because she cheats.  No one will play with me because I bite.  No one will play with Mark because he gets way too obsessed.  No one will play with Chris because he plays without cheating, biting or obsession and what fun is that?

We tried reading but they all want me to read out loud different books at the same time.  There is the great outdoors, but each child wants a different park and when we tried to put Chris outside, he hissed at the sun, pulled his cape over his face and flew back inside.  On friday I am reordering cable and buying a regular pack of cigarettes.  We will be broke, but at least my fingers will have a break and maybe I could visit my family while we all watch television.


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