I Am Back! Crawling out of summer, shaking off sand and children….

Sorry I was gone for so long.  Our computer died, the children were home and the last dredges of my sanity were trapped under Melissa’s toys.  According to the doctors I will eventually stop shuddering when I hear that song “Single Ladies”, I will again believe chipmunks are naked and silent, it’s just a matter of time.  Ah, glorious fall is here now, bringing an end to wet furniture, salty clothing, crushed shells in the laundry and bathing suits.  No more must I pretend not to know whose children started the game of “Hermit Crab Football”.  I no longer have to fear that my son will swim out to play “tag” with the boats, or that my daughter will add more to her “Come One, Come All” sea life sanctuary she has tried to hide in her bedroom.

The children are back in school and I must tell you, there is no sight in all of Creation more lovely than a school bus hauling away all those kids.  Finally, I can crawl out of my haz mat suit and helmet, tentatively enter the world again.  In a delirium of joy I packed away all the summer clothing..when I was a teen it was great to climb out of clothing and into skimpy things for summer.  Now at almost forty, it seems to be the opposite.  With a sinful half-smile on my face, I put on my sweatpants and sweatshirt, hugging the big cotton puffiness to myself as if for the first time all over again……


2 thoughts on “I Am Back! Crawling out of summer, shaking off sand and children….

  1. Welcome back to the world … I was never much for the skimpy summer wear of summer … Probably because of my hairy thighs … 🙂

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