Too Much Boo?

Our friend Mike said that perhaps our family takes the Halloween thing too far.  This was after I had dragged Mike through Target and CVS, gathering a few more spooky things, along with new sneakers for Chris.  My husband responds with “There is never too much boo”, yet last night he tried to disown our son and accuse him of treason.  Let me explain.  Mark had received an invitation to a Halloween birthday party in Lynnfield.  The child’s mother was offering traditional games and cake until five thirty, then neighborhood trick or treating until seven-thirty, a nice idea.  The problem is, we live in Salem and on Halloween night, its impossible to get in or out-of-town after five or so.  Also, being in Salem on All Hallows Eve is well, there really isn’t any better place to be!

Mark does not care about any of this.  Mark wants to be with his friends and that is that.  He is not big on social get together s, so this is a big deal that he wants to do this. He could not have shocked his father more if he pulled a puppy out of the pumpkin that Chris was carving.  Chris called Mark “Benedict Arnold”.  I tried to remind him that at eleven, Mark was more into who he was with then where they were, but it didn’t matter.  Poor Chris took out his frustrations on a hapless pumpkin and glared at Mark the whole time.  The details will have to be ironed out, but I will not deny Mark a social night out.

So, okay, perhaps Chris takes the Halloween thing a bit far…but not me.  It’s not my fault that our little friend Marie walked in the other day, then almost ran right back out after viewing some of our decorations.  So maybe she is a little fainthearted.  She gets a little nervous when the door to her left has a huge evil eye and says “Do Not Enter” and the door to her left has a Grim Reaper reaching for her soul.  Once we got her inside, she adjusted to the dining room wall of spiders and the leering undead everywhere.  Melissa even let her drink out of her Goblet of Poison.    Mark offered to hold Marie’s hand while they watched a scary movie. It doesn’t prove that we have gone overboard with spookiness.

Poor Chris has a bit of a tummy ache today, so I covered him up with my new skeleton couch throw, and plumped up the “Enter At Your Own Risk” pillow for his head, switched off the flickering green and red lights in the skull heads and turned the volume down on his zombie movie.  No, I don’t see how anyone can think we have gone overboard this Halloween, now if you will excuse me, I need to fix my witch window decals, they are wilting a bit.


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