Musings on a Rainy Morning

Melissa made up a new song this morning while waiting for the school bus.  It had the words jingle bells, monkey goats (as one word), pumpkins, cemetery, army and bride all mixed in there with the theme of rain.  She will either be famous or infamous someday.

Mark is still sleeping.  He has been asleep since yesterday at four- thirty in the afternoon.  He woke briefly around three a.m. to go into his bed and went right back out.  The teacher said Mark was cranky all day and he has been complaining of a sore throat for a few days now, I suspect the strep is back again.  Time to visit the clinic today which is always fun.  The folks there are somewhat afraid of Mark and he knows it.  You would think they have never seen an autistic, bipolar eleven year old that looks like a demented line backer before….

Chris is sitting in the living room staring blankly at the television set.  He clutches the remote like it is the axis of all power, next to the computer, it is.  I don’t understand why he watches CNN news, it either panics or depresses or angers him.  Then he rants about it and watches more.  Why bother?  The other day he watched an interview about how pedophiles are teaching our children and he gained a new eye tick.  Today it’s probably killer clowns that are shooting bio chemicals into lunch meat at middle schools where principals are carrying guns while allowing only Irish girls to cheat on tests if they smile in a provocative way.

Its raining out and I hate the rain.  All wet and gloomy, forcing me to turn on all the lights and turn on my music so I don’t have to hear its splattering.  Yeah, okay, so I have issues, get over it.  I am wearing a sweat suit and a fuzzy bathrobe with fuzzy slippers and a comforter to chase away any chills.  It’s not cold in here it just the idea of all that cold wet yuck that makes me want to burrow down under blankets.  Good Lord, I am muttering to myself again.  Eventually someone will put me away if I keep it up.  I like arguing with myself though…that way I can always win.

Ah, Mark has just emerged from his sleep of Doom and he informs us he thinks he may have strep throat.  Ya think?  He wants to know if he will have shots or blood tests done.  Chances are good that will happen, he seems mostly unfazed by it.  Chris handed Mark the remote control and went off to make him chocolate chip waffles.  He mutters that I cannot even spell his name right as he goes by me, but I cannot spell anything right, that is what spell check is for.  Mark informed us that he had a dream last night that he got a new Harry Potter Lego set and a new Indiana Jones Lego set for Christmas, Chris asks if this is a hint.  While Chris is making Mark’s breakfast, Mark wanders into the kitchen asking for his dinner, the one that he slept through last night.  Luckily, it can be the same meal because I made home-made carrot cake for his poor throat.  Its one of the few things I can bake correctly.  Chris is now eating the chocolate chip pancakes.  Okay, so as a reality tv show this family would be boring.  Oh well.

I must stop typing and go start my day now.  But this is far more comfy and fun.  Rain does not motivate me to do anything but sleep or read or write.  I cannot be energetic, bouncing about getting my chores done happily in the rain.  Even if I had a cheerful, shiny umbrella which I do not.  Procrastination goes well with rain.  Good thing I never procrastinate long.  Yep.  Not me.  I wonder how many times I can use the words “yeah but” in a spoken sentence?  Okay, I really should get moving now.  Regardless that I don’t want to.  No matter that I am all warm and comfy here.  Fine, I am moving now but I won’t like it and I intend to grumble all the way into the shower.  Ha.


One thought on “Musings on a Rainy Morning

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