The Melissa Corporation…Fear it.

Someday, my daughter will either own her own crime organization or a corporation, either way, be afraid.  I am already.

At the Salem Commons, Fiesta Shows has some food kiosks set up and a hay maze for children to play in.  What they were not aware of was that my children waited all year for this set up and it was all theirs.  Funny, that memo didn’t get around to the owners of Fiesta Shows, the Commons Association or even myself for that matter.  Mark and Melissa were aware of it however, oh yes.  In the time it took for me to go get a fried dough, leaving Chris and Mike to keep an eye on our little demons, the two of them had at least ten children lined up at the maze.  Melissa was taking pretend tickets from all the children and then leading them into the maze, where Mark was hiding behind bales of hay to scare older kids and then leading smaller children through the twists of hay.  Best part of this was, all the parents and other children were accepting this!  No one thought it was unusual that a seven and eleven year old were running a hay maze?????

Every day now, the children go to the hay maze and do this.  Kids think its great.  Parents and tourists seem to have no problem with it, only I am getting an eye twitch over this.  I don’t allow her to tell anyone how they might go through the maze, I remind her she doesn’t own the maze and she may NOT sell tickets to the maze.  Melissa tries to have anyone but me bring her to the maze now.  Good Grief.



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