Yeah, More Proof that our Family is Cracked….

I am walking around today bloated, crampy and grumpy, yet my family keeps forcing me into grinning, laughing…see the evil I deal with here?  I sort of left the kids in their Dad’s capable hands today, which I sort of feel bad about, but better than them dealing with a snappy, growling mother.  Well, I took a small nap and came out to find Melissa and Chris cuddled together in a blanket, heads pressed together so cute as they watched Resident Evil, the series….which is full of zombies, explosions and skinless doggies…Mark was playing a game, but checked in every now and then to see a particularly action scene or two.

This was not my idea of bonding, but my cramps were bad and I was too sleepy and grumpy to cause any commotion beyond telling him that he would be the one to deal with any subsequent nightmares or therapies because of this.  After they finished the movie, Melissa was excited about it and wanted to make some zombie pictures.  I decided to turn it all silly and humorous by printing out princess pictures, cute animal pictures and creating zombies out of them.  Melissa and I had a lot of fun coloring in our pictures, then we taped them on the wall next to Chris’s side of the bed.  Now when he wakes up every day he can encounter his beloved zombies.  Melissa charged Chris and Mark fake money and gave them fake tickets to see the zombie gallery…she even made a sign in our dining room, pointing towards the gallery.  When their Godfather Mike came over, he was also charged and taken to see the gallery.  I am the one who made Melissa use fake money and tickets by the way.  She wanted to charge an actual fee, she is growing her bank quickly.

As Mark and Chris admired the new zombie gallery, we were all very impressed with Melissa’s rendition of Barbie Zombie Princess, Chris and Mark pointed to a particular zombie lady I had colored in, and both of them exclaimed that she looked just like me in the mornings…sad part is, I really couldn’t argue about it…she did look like me, except I look a little scarier I think.


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