It’s Almost Thanksgiving and My Home is Full of Turkeys

Well, there is a metal bowl in my kitchen with the last dregs of Halloween candy in it.  All the chocolate is gone.  We are down to bags of pretzels, hardening bubblegum, hard candy in flavors that shouldn’t exist in a world where God has touched.  Lots of orange Starbursts as well.  Nobody ever wants the orange ones.  All of our scary decorations are packed away, except for a few more fall-like decals slowly sliding down the windows.  The witch door mat has been replaced by snowmen.  Our boxes of Christmas decorations are at the ready to be ripped open right after Thanksgiving.  Chris and I bought a new plastic Christmas tree at Home Depot that has white lights and a tree stand.  We discovered tree stands are important and work better than tying shoe strings to the tree than tacking said shoe string to the wall.

Next week will be a little busy.  Mark has his big Exhibition Night at his school.  Once every month the school requires each student to create a small project on something of interest and education.   Then each student invites their family and friends to the school to see and hear about their project.  This month Mark has chosen to work on Egypt, which has always been of interest to him.  He collects any all statutes connected to Egypt, reads about it and recently got to actually see an exhibit at the museum of Fine Arts where they featured an actual mummy.

Melissa has been inspired by her father’s zombie movies and is still adding to her Zombie Art Gallery.  More pictures created and even signs posted with arrows leading towards the bedroom where her macabre yet funny project grows.  Not very Thanksgiving-like or educational but I give big points on imagination.  Since we are eating dinner at our friends’ Rose and Marie’s home, I don’t have to worry about extra holiday cleaning here.  Luckily, Rose is cooking the actual turkey, which is great since I don’t cook large birds well.  They are grudge holders and I am an easy mark for them.  Instead I will make stuffing and side dishes, I am much better at that.

I had offered to Rose to pay half of the cost of the turkey, considering how prices of things are these days.  She declined and said she was all set on the turkey.  A day or so ago, she sent me pictures of her yard, which was full of live wild turkeys.  This has me a bit nervous, perhaps this is why she didn’t need me to pay half the turkey cost.  She also wrote under the pictures a comment for me to have the children bring their scooters on Thanksgiving Day.  All I can think is we are hunting our own dinners, on scooter.  I am considering which weapons we will use for the final kill.


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