The Rumors of My Death Are Woefully Under-Exxagerrated…

Since I last wrote in December I have been buried under snow, children and toys.  As I shovel myself out, here is a quick update:

December: Mark and Melissa received almost every single expensive item on their wish list from Santa.  The items were squealed over and immediately set aside in favor of the boxes.  A mammoth fort of boxes was created, wars were fought, peace treaties signed and broken, regardless, the parents lost.

January: All resolutions for the new year were broken within  the first week, everyone got a two month flu and snow became an obscene word.

February: By the school vacation all the winter wonderment is beyond gone.  All gifts have lost their luster, boxes are deteriorated, we all hate the color white.  In a moment of insanity Chris and I bought the children a ferret for a new pet.  His name is Trevor and he is very cute.

Here we are up to date now.  It is the last day of February and the first day of school again.  That most beautiful of all sights happened today, two buses carrying off children so the parents can have some peace.  The house looks as if it has been hit by a war…which it has and there is a four-month old ferret stealing  my shoes.  At least it is quiet.


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