How To Tell It Is Spring Time!

All the snow has melted away, the air is starting to warm up and the sun stays out a little bit later.  These may be the tell-tale signs of spring season, but there are two other factors that let us know the season has changed.

First:  Everywhere you can hear the gentle sounds of spring:

TWEET! CHIRP! TWEET! TWEET TWEET TWEET CHIRP CHIRP TWEET TWEET!  It’s like a concert of repetition from early morning to evening and loses its charm by its fourth hour.  Luckily there are other sounds to carry across the spring wind, like the gentle roar of cars and motorcycles.  The squeal of a rusted bike chain mixes with the harsh honking of a van blaring rap music and oh the world is alive again!  Let us not forget the wonderful sound of children playing outdoors after being stuffed inside all winter long.  The voices like little chimes ringing as they cheer each other in games!

“You are so stupid!  Give it to me or I will get Mom and tell her that YOU stole her lighter!   I want to start the Grill!  Moron!  You tell Dad and I will tell him about why the cat walks funny!”

Second:  A strange feeling overcomes most New England women right about now.  Men and children sniff, hunch together in groups for safety and scurry away..if they can.  Whether the smell is lemons, bleach or a chemically enhanced “fresh linen” smell, it is being doused across the home.  We suddenly feel the extreme need to wash all the windows, scrub every stick of furniture and scrub the design right out of the linoleum.  We will throw away old recliners, mismatched toys, outgrown clothes and food that have become science projects.  A recycling project of epic proportions will be launched, yard sales or e-bay sales will be thrown, and we will finally discover those Christmas cards we bought half price two years ago.

In the middle of making a recipe from a cookbook we unearthed from the Little House on the Prairie website, the cleaning fumes will clear a bit and we will revert back to ourselves.  For two weeks we will stagger around unable to find anything because we put everything “in its place”.  Our families will glare sullenly at us because we starched their underwear and sheets, plus labeled everything in the house.  Our children cannot understand why the left shoe is labeled as such and why did we shine their sneakers anyway?  Husbands have a twitch in their eye and we are told it is because they tried to throw out a bread tie and were attacked by a thousand wolverines on PCP..(it was actually just us)

Just think!  Easter is just around the corner.  Nothing like a seven-foot rabbit with a ton of sugar to bring normality around!


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