April Fools Day To Do List

1. Put bright pink princess dress in Mark’s cubby for school clothes.
2. Put Mark’s jockey shorts and Chris’s socks in Melissa’s cubby.
3. Tie arms of Chris’s bathrobe shut.
4. Fill cereal bowls with ferret kibble (no milk)
5. Put Barbie stickers on Mark’s lunch bag.
6. Stick Melissa’s snack and drink in old Elmo lunchbox in backpack.
7. Sneak over friend Rose’s house and hide her prized Cockatoo at neighbors’, then put Oven Ready Purdue Chicken in the birdcage.
8. Grin at Chris as if I have evil plans till he jumps at every shadow.
9. Find safe place to hide until friends and family that have no sense of humor calm down.


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