Melissa’s Turtle Wedding

As Melissa was getting ready for school she informed Chris and I about her wedding ideas.  Melissa told us that since she loved escalators they would play a big part in her nuptials.  Her husband will be a mix between Prince Charming and the members of Big Time Rush.  The two of them will be riding opposite escalators,  exchanging vows in increments as they pass each other.  The wedding will be officiated by a rabbit who will make little rabbit sounds at the right moments.

The guests will all be seated in electric massaging chairs  and flowers will be thrown at us by turtles flying by jet packs.  Everyone will receive a cheeseburger and juice box then we can all dance.  Perhaps I can dance with a turtle and Chris can wear one of the jet packs?  My favorite part of this tale is the ending.  Melissa said she and her husband will have fifty-nine children that I have to babysit.  I told her that Daddy and I will be moving away, but I will leave the forwarding address with someone who is forgetful.


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