Summer is Here, so Where Am I?

I have not posted any blogs since May.  I would like to say it’s because I became incredibly busy with a book deal.  Or maybe I took a sabbatical from writing because of some dynamic new situation or job.  I have no answer except to give an update on what is up here at the Crazy Casey House of Doom:

Everyone here has grown in some way.  (I grew out…really out.  When I sit down, I look like I am wearing an airline snack tray.)  Melissa became a young lady overnight, suddenly its painted nails, edgy haircuts and edgy outfits.  Chris took her to a photo place in Salem where she dressed as a twenties flapper sitting on a bar.  When I first saw the picture I saw this leggy model, then had heart failure when I discovered it was my little girl!!  Melissa discovered showering was fun and showers as often as she can.  She has drained oceans and up to seven clothing changes a day.  We explained that she was making the washing machine and the water tank very sad.  She was unmoved by this.  We are considering telling her we can no longer afford her and are in contact with a gypsy group that needs a young girl as a washer woman.

Mark has lost weight and gained height.  It’s distracting to have your son lift you into the air while you lecture him.  This summer for Mark could be aptly named Mark vs. Beach.  The first beach trip for Mark this summer ended in the Emergency Room with Mark having second degree burns.  Due to the extreme pain of the burns, the doctors gave him codeine.  Everyone reacts differently to pain medication.  Mark sang to us.  Alot.  He sang all the little tunes from his computer games.  He sang every song from Sponge Bob.  It felt like I had a soft out of tune soundtrack.  Blisters the size of football pads were on each of Mark’s shoulders and his neck, scalp and back were covered in tiny blisters and  some black crusty areas were noticeable too.  The doctor had told Mark he was not to leave the shadowy house for at least six days.  It was on the seventh day Mark finally was able to put a shirt on and he went to his school program three days late, just in time for the “beach day”.  Just this weekend Mark decided to go across the street with Melissa and myself to play at the beach.  I put so much sun block on the boy that he was slippery and glistened in the sun.  It took less than an hour for him to howl in pain.  He managed to step on a horseshoe crab, its shell crushed and his foot was cut in several places due to the shattered shell.  I give up.  I am reminded of the year he poked his eye and scratched his cornea on the branch of the Christmas tree.  Maybe a bubble suit?

Trevor the family ferret has grown to size of a small cat.  He loves to steal soles from any shoe Chris or Mark wear.  Trevor steals my teabags, drinks our tea and coffee if he can reach it, stole my clogs (never to be seen again).  Once a week Chris and I must move all furniture to reclaim items and make sure there are no “presents” in corners.  Yet I must admit that we are desperately in love with this little guy.  I watch Mark comfort himself by cuddling with the ferret, Melissa face brightens every-time she sees Trevor enter a room, Chris will be  in the darkest of moods until Trevor pops up his little fuzzy face into Chris’s and he cannot help but laugh, cuddling the ferret.  As for me, taking the ferret for walks, sitting on a bench with his fuzzy little body warm and sleeping in my arms, it renews me somehow.

Chris is questioning his sanity level every day this summer.  Children, chores, paperwork, and a house that a blow torch and a grenade could fix in a heart beat.  As our children grow so does their relationship with their Dad.  Mark has joined Chris in the world of Dr. Who, Star Wars, and gaming, good God the gaming……Mark has hit a point where he wants privacy, he asks to take the computer in the bedroom and was shocked when Chris explained that no computer in the house is allowed in a private room.  Dining Room, Kitchen or Living Room are the only computer areas.  So every day for an hour or so Mark hunches in the kitchen corner with the laptop, he is not doing anything inappropriate, he just wants to be by himself.

Melissa goes between wanting privacy and clinging to us as if we were about to run away.  One minute she is Daddy’s little girl, the next she feels we do not allow her enough freedom.  After all, at almost nine shouldn’t most girls be allowed to walk alone to the beach or park?  The big bond right now is zombies and horror.  Melissa will snuggle with Daddy and watch undead eat the living while they eat huge bags of organic corn chips dipped into something I refuse to look at.

Oh dear, its time for catch up on the “Dark Side of Donna Reed” lady, isn’t it?  Well, that is a whole different post I think.  Suffice it to say that I am discovering that gravy is NOT a beverage, a pound of bacon is not the wisest thing to eat.  Vegetables and fruit are not decorations.  I notice my mother coming out of my mouth, the seasons seem to go quicker now and I watch to catch hold of my growing children,tell them not to grow up too quickly, to fill their summer with joy and memories to hold forever.  My daughter likes to decorate me.  She takes my makeup and “puts on my face” and Chris laughs saying I look like Lady Gaga and the Jokers’ love child.  Mark and Melissa sit on the back porch in the sweltering heat and I sneak up on them with a pot of icy water, soak them then the water battle begins, not ending until we are all drenched, kitchen floor floating away.  Happy Summer everyone.


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