Don’t believe her..she is a Mother!!

Mark told me about a school buddy of his.  This twelve-year-old friend is a full-fledged FBI agent with harrowing details of stopping international crimes.  When I expressed doubt, Mark said, “Yeah, but, Mom, he has a badge!!!”  His belief in the story was firm.

Melissa ran off the bus, burst into the house to tell me an incredible tale.  Her classmate told her that she was good friends with all of Big Time Rush.  She would take Melissa to the concerts, backstage even, but that the stars liked their privacy too much.  Melissa could not see any of the pictures of the stars hanging with the girl because her mom hid all her photos.  She took this as the gospel truth.

The other day the kids asked me what we had for snacks.  I gave them a detailed list of what we had on hand.  Eyes narrowed, hands on hips, voices laced with suspicion, they asked, “Are you sure you don’t have something else in there?”


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