Mom! Stop crying, and let go of my leg!

It has finally happened.  The little demons figured out how to scare me.  All these years I have been the scary one and now they have figured out how to make me shriek like a baby.  They sort of noticed when we went to the Boston Museum of Science, that I kept my eyes shut tight and ran past the outdoor deranged T-Rex.  It baffled them when I would always turn my head as we passed the bright orange T-Rex on Route One.  When my son was looking at the original drawings for the blue Ever Quest dragon, it was subtle, but noticeable when I screamed and ran out of the room.   Then refused to return until the wretched thing was shut down.

This was the beginning of my Campaign of Terror.  My son has been downloading dragons and T-Rex pictures to see which ones will make me scream or make me cry.  I always knew he was evil but this is even beyond my expectations!!  Melissa is trying to plan trips to every place that has a T-Rex statue and I am planning to run away from home.  I had a dream the other night that I was forced by my children to skydive over Boston and landed on top of the terrifying T-Rex, which then came to life, roaring, trying to shake me off to eat me!  I think this is an omen.  Pray for me.


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