A Letter to God from a Slacker Mom

Dear God,

Yes, its me again.  I know I just sp0ke with You about ten minutes ago when I had that crisis with the underwear that doesn’t fit, but this, this one is REALLY important.

As I am sure You know Chris went out early this morning to grab a few little things we needed.  They were divided into three bags.  One bag contained Mark’s lunch of a yogurt smoothie, two fruit grain bars, one bag of wheat goldfish crackers and a small bag of sour cream chips.  Another bag contained tampons, Advil and three types of chocolate candy bars.  The third bag contained two Red Bulls, a pack of cigarettes and a pack of lighters.

All I saw when the bus came was one of the three bags grabbed by Mark and thrown into his backpack.  I know I ask a lot of You but I am afraid to check those bags.  Please let him have chosen the right bag.  One bag will have me  receiving a call from the school director wanting an immediate meeting.  The other bag will have Mark come home from school hungry and red with embarrassment telling me he has no social life left.


Nancy, Slacker Mom


3 thoughts on “A Letter to God from a Slacker Mom

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