It’s Family Night, Hide the Monopoly game and the knives!

“Family Nights”  “Quality Time”  From magazines and health professionals alike we hear these terms and discover we must find special time where the family does something as a group.  My family cannot order a pizza without someone from the Geneva Convention showing to intercede.

Of course we had to try and create a special “thing” we could all enjoy.  Not a single one of us can play sports nor do we care for sports.  No matter, we will go for it!  Standing in a big gym room, we had hockey sticks, a basketball and grins.  This turned into our children screaming and running as Chris and I chased them with sticks.  Which then became our children pelting us with balls in the head. 

We tried baseball and discovered we could only hit humans with our bats.  Then came mini golf.  I knocked the ball straight onto the highway…many times.  We are not invited back.  Ever.  Time to attempt something else.  Before we are banned from every sports area in America.  Or the police get called. 

WII sports ended in a wrestling match between Melissa and I.  Board games ended when it was discovered that Melissa and I both cheat.  We tried taking turns with reading a good book aloud.  Chris made every character sound evil, Mark would slowly back up during story time until he made it to his room, Melissa would fall asleep.  So much for literacy here. 

In the end we discovered something about “Family Time”  The best ones are spontaneous, crazy and totally unique to the personalities that make up your whole group.   Here are some of our Family Activities that we enjoy at least a few times a month.

Music War:  Each person gets out their music media lists and we each play our own tunes aloud, singing it badly, air drums and guitar.  The children attempt to curl our hair, we attempt to embarrass them as much as possible.  Its loud, obnoxious and if Melissa ever manages to record us, we will be famous on Facebook.

Costume/Improv: We have boxes that contain capes, swords, hats,  if you would like to be a zombie, a vampire, a hobbit, Darth Vader, we have it.  I can only imagine what the neighbors think when Darth Vader and Mike Myers are fighting each other with swords, through the dining room window.   Two minutes later a zombie shambles in to attack Mike Myers while a hobbit leaps upon Darth Vader’s back!

Scare Time:  Play hide in the seek in the dark.  See who can tell the scariest story.  Who can make each other scream or jump.  This is a year round favorite here that usually makes my landlord question whether or not to call 911 on the crazy, screaming, thumping family downstairs.

Movie Time:  This could be all of us snuggling up to watch a good zombie flick.  Though since everyone gets a turn to pick, this means each of us get a turn to torment others.  I will pick a musical so they can all groan and roll around on the floor, tortured.  Melissa will pick some b grade horror with acting so bad that we have no choice but to laugh and yell out insults.  Chris will pick some sci fi hell that guarantees I will fall asleep before it halfway through.  Mark will find an underground anime that must have been written by someone severely addicted to crack.

A good way to tell if your family time worked:ImageImageImageImage

Everyone has laughed so hard that tears are shed, folks are hyperventilating and nearly incapacitated.  At least one person (me) has peed themselves or holding their stomach muscles in agony.  The whole family cannot wait to do it again, and it ends with everyone hugging each other or high fiving.



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