Not Laughing


So first is the deep breath.   Blast the music so loud it hurts.  Hit each key like it’s your enemy.
Every word is anger, every word is fear, every word sucks.

But the words are coming and that is all that matters.

So use anything, any words, beg, plead scream cry.  Be terror sinking every word into a nightmare.

Be funny; make a reader laugh till they cry in pain.

The story does not matter.  It is the words that count.  Pull them, rip them, and dredge something up from a brain that has gone apathetic.

So feel something, create something, and make something, anything burn.

Type out pain, bleed onto a page, and scream anger, spit out bitter words.

Seduce descriptions, tease and flirt until it starts to flow out, quicker now, try and force words out of that muddled head.

The music slices through my head, teeth sinking into my bottom lip, pain that feels good, so more, louder, harder, keep going.

Weren’t you the one who said you loved fear?

Didn’t you say you enjoyed pain?

So prove it, cause it, create it and share it around.

Take a deep breath and write.


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