About Nancy…

I am a forty year old short crazy lady with purple hair. If that doesn’t scare you off then I will continue. I love to read, write, sing and be a stay at home mother. Except during the Halloween Season, then I am a professional Monster. I have fibromyaglia, guilt, anxiety and a very scary mind. I find these things all are dealt with best by having marriage and kids! Keeps your head busy, don’t you think?
My husband Chris was a long haired bipolar guitarist when I met him. Now he is a short haired Geek who is trying to drag me into his Geekdom kicking and screaming! I will admit he has me watching Dr. Who. Chris is a computer person thru and thru, loves all new technology and I am still trying to figure out how to work a cell phone.
We have two children, one boy and one girl. Mark is thirteen years old. He has High Function Autism, Bipolar Disorder and OCD. Iron Maiden, Gaming, History and horror have his attention right now. He is hoping to become a Voice Actor someday.
Melissa is ten and has Aspergers Syndrome, a learning disability and Chrons Disease. She is all about singing, art, pop music and creating videos.
Chris and I have gone through hell and back with and for our kids. From the start of this blog you can see this journey from when Mark was younger. It was very rough and sometimes it still can be. We would not trade it for anything!
We also own ferrets! Three in fact. There is Trevor, who is Mark’s therapy ferret, then Teacup, who exists to be adorable and get into mischief. Then we adopted Jaqi who is my best fuzzy friend! I can tell her anything as she follows me around, she always just silently agrees and she NEVER tells anyone what I have said!
I am the Dark Side of Donna Reed. I am not the best nor am I the worst…but its all real and humorous. Because if I do not laugh…lets just leave that there.
We swear, we are sarcastic and we are all dark. Welcome to our world!

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